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Asia Is a Growing Market

There is a new record at over 500,000 students set by Chinese students that study abroad. In other words, Asian students play a major role in international student enrollment numbers according to Wikipedia. These figures indicate the importance of reasearching this educational market to implement the best marketing strategies.

International Educational Marketing Poses the Following Issues

Marketers try to handle all global Educational markets by themselves
It's challenging to attract great Agents to promote your school
Exhibiton marketing can be expensive and not as effective as before.

Top Three Reasons to Work with the EA B2B2C Platform

Branding & Marketing Strategy

The English Agency provides your school its own local websites as well as content marketing. It's simple to raise local awareness with the help of our local editor team and the EA network.

Agent Network

Agents are on the same platform as you are. You can easily have access to the Agent's network database and host any type of Agent-based events.

Time & Cost Efficiency

Exhibition marketin is expensive and inefficient; Most importantly, there is no accurate indicator of the success associated with your investment. EA offers you access to a network where you benefit from clear information and school visibility in relation to agents and students.

What Our Members Say About Us

Marketing and sales are indepedent from each other. I learned this lesson when I worked for a US international company where they franchised their sales team but controlled their international marketing team. Hence, when learning about EA services, I made the bold decision to build Howdy English's online presence in Taiwan and the result suprised me. There was a 46 students' increase compared to the previous year.

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